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Mini-doctor New Family medical device Parkes–Medicus 1400 programs

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Health issues need to be addressed every day
- How to cleanse the body of viruses and worms quickly and harmlessly?
- How to restore the functions of each organ to normal - muscles, ligaments, digestion, nerves, heart, liver, metabolism, genitourinary system, and strengthen the immune system?
- How to quickly heal a cut, bite, burn, bruise, sprain, the effects of physical activity, hypothermia, stress?

- How to cure diseases that doctors cannot treat? How to eliminate chronic health problems?

The new Parkes-Medicus Family Therapeutic Device (Rus/English/Tur/Pol) with 1400 programs, Anti-Covid programs, energy saving system, weighing only 70 grams is a small physiotherapy device-combine of a new generation that has no analogues in the world.
- It is recommended by the Methodological Guidelines of the Ministry of Health (???.120.13/378.13).
- Certified (?? ?14711/2015) in the country of development for an unlimited period.
- State awards have been presented.

- how to protect yourself from the negativity of others, harmful energy, and cleanse yourself after prolonged computer use;
- how to quickly relieve headaches, insomnia, improve mood, increase efficiency and strength in the gym;
- How to regain strength, increase performance and strength indicators?

- How to perform microcurrent massage of the face and body areas at home, make the skin clean and beautiful, remove wrinkles and acne?
- How to lose weight and look younger?
- How can you develop many hidden abilities given by nature?

These tasks will be perfectly fulfilled by the therapeutic mini-device "Parkes-Medicus", created by Doctor of Medicine, Academician, President of the European University of Functional Medicine - the development and improvement of the device has been going on for more than 30 years in the Family Medicine Laboratory of the KhMAPE Medical University.

More than 65 thousand patients have already improved their health using this method (this device). It has received state awards in several countries.

The Parkes-Medicus device is necessary every day at home, at work, and is indispensable on the road, on vacation, while traveling, where there is no doctor or medicine.

The device can save lives in a critical situation! This is our pharmacy and clinic in your pocket - modern, high-tech, effective and safe - no side effects.

The technique allows you to treat animals, your pets and plants.

Every family should have this device, especially if you have children!
The level of health determines the child's capabilities (physical and intellectual) and his or her prospects for the future in life. The device will help develop abilities.

The Parkes-Medicus 1400 therapeutic device has ready-made sets of programs for common diagnoses - just select them in the device menu and turn them on.

The Parkes-Medicus 1402 device has 402 treatment programs lasting 40 minutes each, and 58 ready-made complexes of 8-10 programs (7-9 hours each).

The programs are organized in 24 sections:

1. Biological encumbrances 159 programs - Anti-parasitic programs, anti-viruses, bacteria, helminths, fungi, protozoa, ticks, etc,
2. Lymph, blood - 53 programs,
3. Respiratory system - 21,
4. Cardiovascular system - 53,
5. Digestive system - 24,
6. Genitourinary system - 30,
7. Nervous system - 68,
8. Musculoskeletal system - 44,
9. Endocrine system - 18,
10. Immune system - 36,
11. Cosmetology - 171,
12. Autoimmune reactions - 26,
13. Drainage - 13,
14. Enzymes - 9,
15. Autotraining - 106,
16. Pain - 85 programs,
17. Skin - 43,
18. Threshold immune antiparasitic protection of body cells and the body as a whole - 153,
19. Hormones - 31,
20. Emotions - 20,
21. DNA - 57 programs,
22. Affirmations - 26,
23. Amino acids, trace elements, vitamins - 96 programs,
24. Program complexes - 58.

The Parkes-Medicus medical device has programs for independent use in the family, at work, on the road, while driving, on vacation, while traveling, and programs only for doctors for physiotherapy in the therapeutic office, hospital, clinic, outpatient clinic, ambulance, in the ambulance, in a sanatorium:

? Infrared therapy
? Electromagnetic therapy
? Electrosleep and neuro-stimulation therapy
? Microcurrent therapy
? Electrophoresis
? Electroanalgesia
? Electrosleep
? Hardware cosmetology
? Spot galvanophoresis in acupuncture points
? Production of dipolar structured water for internal use.

The Parkes-Medicus therapeutic device replaces the physiotherapy room and completely solves all the tasks of a family doctor.

This device is a must in every family at home, at work, on the road and on vacation - to quickly help in a difficult moment!