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"It's A Shame For You To Miss Out On Potential Profits
When You Can Promote Your Business To The M-A-X In
5 Minutes Flat With Worldprofit Classifieds Blaster!"

Welcome to Worldprofit Classifieds Blaster, where our aim is to provide your business with the Regular EXTRA Exposure required to keep your products and services making money for you.

We know you're busy and most people who are affiliate marketing or promoting their own business online are these days. That's why we've come up with a timely service so simple, so straightforward and super fast -- you'll be blown away when you see how much time is saves you and just how affordable it is!

Our program allows paid members to send out their advertising to be included on ALL the ClassyFied-Ads sites registered at our sister site, Classyfied-ads.com. We provide our members there with their own hosted classified advertising service that they offer to their own members and it's extremely popular!

These are the sites that your advertising will be blasted to and it's just like having an instant audience waiting to view your offer! And now we've made it extra simple for you to accomplish with just a few mouse clicks. Five minutes is all you need.

This form of advertising is highly targeted because we give you the opportunity to select the category to post each and every ad blast to. Currently you can choose from 16 categories to promote in including:

  • Advertising

  • Business

  • Commission Sales

  • Dealerships

  • Electronics

  • Freebies

  • Home Business

  • Mail Order

  • Miscellaneous

  • Money

  • Nutrition

  • Publications

  • Real Estate

  • Services

Do the programs you promote fall into any of these categories? It's very likely that they do and as a paid member of Classified Ads Blaster, you will have the opportunity to blast your advertisement to our OVER 5,000 Classyfied-ads.com sites

But it's not just a one blast and it's forgotten promotion... Each ad that you blast out will remain on the participating classified ads sites for FOUR whole days to be seen time and time again by each site's member base and new prospects.

Wouldn't You LOVE A Piece Of That Promotional Pie?

There's no need to go visiting these sites separately and joining them individually, submitting your ads and moving onto the next site! Phew! I'm tired just thinking of all that work... Do you have the time for that? I know I don't! Let's face it -- it could be a very time-consuming activity to undertake... and I don't recommend it. Not when you have this amazing marketing tool right at your fingertips, right now.

With Classified Ads Blaster, you save time, energy and money -- all while increasing the exposure to your opportunities as every day passes. Just a few clicks of the button to update your profile, setup your advertising and blast it out is ALL IT TAKES! Five minutes, 300 seconds...

It's next to no time really, which is why our blaster is so attractive to join for anyone who markets their products and services online. Our registration rate is steadily increasing, therefore the number of sites that you can post to is becoming higher and higher every day. Just what you want... extra value as time passes.

Got a spare five minutes? That's all you'll need each time you visit our site to promote your business!

It's only $37 LIFETIME Membership to use our services!


You'll find our system makes advertising a cinch and it's setup to make your work a whole lot easier... It's seemless advertising at it's very best and designed to be easy-to-follow for even novice marketers. Try us out today and see how your promotions fare. You have nothing to lose and potential profits to gain!


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